joi, 11 martie 2010

The chess game

"Dante: May I ask you something, Lucifer?

Lucifer: Yes?

Dante (moves Rook): Why?

Lucifer: Why what?

Dante: You know, why did it happen?

Lucifer (moves Pawn): I am still lost, why did what happen?

Dante: ...your fall.

Lucifer: Mind your manners, Dante. I did not fall. I simply left, on my own accord for that matter. There is as vast contrast between both statements as there is a distance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

Dante (moves Pawn): I'm sorry.

Lucifer (moves Bishop): It's fine.

Dante (moves Knight): Why did you walk away from it all? From God?

Lucifer (moves King): 'Cause He's a cheater.

Dante: Excuse me?

Lucifer: Is there something wrong, Dante?

Dante: That was not quite the answer I had in mind.

Lucifer: What did you have in mind then?

Dante: Something more...enlightening I suppose.

Lucifer (sighs and moves Pawn): That's exactly what's wrong with you mortals. You talk far too much and expect to be talked to equally as much. Precisely why I hate philosophers. They are equally as revolting as second-hand used car salesmen who insist on showcasing the fine workmanship of the vehicle from better times when the original question was merely "Can it be driven?".
Everything must be wrapped in a thick layer of mystery and awe. Every tale must be epic and each hero tragic. You humans are such drama queens.
In reality, both the answers and the questions could and should never exceed three words each.

Dante (moves Knight): Still...

Lucifer (moves Bishop): Look, Dante... I just left. I woke up, saw the strings He attached to every damn puppet He made. From my free will lacking brothers to the creation of your entire kind for the sole purpose of feeding His narcissist self.
I got sick of everything. I really did. Then I decided I had enough. So I left. He's more of a cheater than you could possibly imagine, even more than I am.

Dante (moves Knight): But what about the Scriptures then? All the tales we've heard since the dawn of time?

Lucifer (moves Rook): He sure does have a passion for theatrics, doesn't He?

Dante: So it's all a lie?

Lucifer: Yes, it's a lie. A facade, a steaming pile of crap, orchestrated merely to save face. I'm telling you, He's such a cheater!

Dante (moves Pawn): ...

Lucifer (moves Bishop): I must say though, I'm terribly amused by your reaction. I thought you were an atheist.

Dante: I was... But that kinda' changes once you meet God in person.

Lucifer: A valid point. But, nevertheless, you never needed God in the first place. He needed you.

Dante (moves Rook): But what about Heaven? And Hell? Why is it so...

Lucifer (moves Bishop): Ha! Ha! I sure got Him there, didn't I? I certainly did. He thought He'd condemn me and make all your kind come to me for similiar "sins" and have me punish you. He sure didn't see this coming at all. I changed everything here. Turned Hell into Heaven and had Him turn His Heaven into Hell in order to balance things out. You should've seen the look on His face, wish I had a camera.

Dante (moves King): I see...

Lucifer: Da Vinci and Piccaso did a lovely job with the place, don't you think? I'm epically fond of the curtains. Love the dark brown shades.

Dante: They are nice, indeed.

Lucifer (moves Knight): Just nice? You should've seen what Dali did with this place just last month. Don't ever let a surreal artist redecorate your home. Way too trippy.

Dante (moves Queen): I agree with this one.

Lucifer: Though I must give God credit for something.

Dante: What for?

Lucifer (moves Bishop and checkmates): He was a much better chess player than you are."

P.S-nu e postul meu, dar e superb! 

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